• Mesas W 2022

    Madero Riverside. Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • Mesas co-work 2020

    Puerto Madero. Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • Sistema M 2019

    Plaza Belgrano. Municipalidad de San Martín

  • Conjunto Picnic

    Econautico Hipocampo - Ingeniero Maschwitz

  • Banco Natural

    Casa FOA 2019

  • Molo Italia

    Salón del mueble de Milán

    The Public Space grants identity and character to the urban centers, allows to recognize and live them. The renovation of these spaces is a continuous process that requires a constant search for durable products and innovative proposals. Urban furniture plays a fundamental role in this challenge.

    MOLO URBANO emerges as an opportunity to complement this process, guaranteeing a quality design and economy of resources
    Outdoor Elegance
    Picnic set
    · Bench: Dimensions 130 x 45cm
    · Table: Dimensions 150 x 80cm
    · Eucaliptus grandis, slats.
    · Thermo-convertible baking and special outdoor finish.
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    Molo Family
    M Bench
    · Dimensions 80 x 80cm
    · Eucaliptus grandis, slats.
    · Special outdoor finish.
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    · Measures: module of 80 x 80 cm
    · Cast iron, SAE 1010 steel and pre-cast concrete.
    · USB connection and backpack hook.
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    · Dimensions: 80 x 80 module
    · Equaliptus grandis wood, sheet metal, concrete or structural tube
    · Thermo-convertible or galvanized baking.
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    HACHE Bench
    · Dimensions: 180 x 46cm, 200 x 46cm y 220 x 46cm
    · Powder thermoshrinkable paint.
    · Colors: Black, white, grey.
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